"Saint Mary of Braga"

Saint Mary of Braga recreated holding the Carmelite scapular


                                                              Size of painting - 260 cm x 150cm
                                                                       Materials - Oil on linen canvas 




You are better than any other modern painter I know!! Beautiful! - Downey, CA

Just so enormous! I love angels! You`ve got the light so perfectly and so varmth, filled will peace, harmony and love. You´re a Master, no doubt about it. - Sweden

Wow Oscar, This painting is simply wonderful! It’s the kind of painting that’s priceless! I really enjoy the way you use the light beams with the angel and Madonna and Child. Fantastic! - Lugoff, SC

I really like this Madonna. It seems modern and timeless at the same time. Congratulations  - Austria

A remarkable ability to paint emotions and details. - Belchertown, MA

Glorious, wonderful work of art!! - Canada

I like it very much... I like how the child is alive, and playful, and Maria is dreamy and otherworldly. I like that you could express the canonic ideas in a fresh way, with modern day faces. - Austria

A M A Z I G ..........................................................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Italy

WANDRFUL LADY with CHILD,my dear friend!!!!All your works are so BEAUTIFUL and very professionally painting!!!Congratulations!! - Macedonia

Wonderful work Oscar! A magnetic and mesmerising piece :) - United Kingdom

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